About Guru

Dr. Malini Ravishankar, Founder-Director of Lasya Vardhana School of Performing Arts is amongst the leading classical dancers of Bangalore. Apart from being a marvellous dancer of international repute, she is also a brilliant choreographer and an amazing teacher. Along with a gold medal in BA (Dance- Bharatanatya), Distinction in Vidwat grade exam, Malini is a highly accredited artist with Doordarshan. Dr. Malini has given astonishing dance performances in almost all the major dance festivals and has participated in foreign shows regularly.

Dr. Malini started her bharatantaya training under the strict guidance of Guru Vidwan Kamath. Her interest in this art persuaded her to take up a graduation in this subject itself. Discipline and self-dedication towards this sacred art took her to great levels. Being the daughter-in-law of Natyacharya Vidwan H. R. Keshavamurthy provided further impetus to her achievement. As a choreographer and as a performer, she has received recognition in India as well as abroad for her performances and creative presentations. She has participated as an artist under the auspices of the Indo-China Friendship Association as well as the internationally renowned AKKA festival held in the USA.

She started her own dance institution with the help of her husband Mr. Ravishankar in the year 1998. She has made great contribution to the field of dance through her experimentation and innovations in Bharatanatyam. As a dedicated teacher, she has successfully transmitted the training she has received from eminent Gurus to her students. Many students have successfully completed various levels in Karnataka Board Exams and also their Rangapravesha under the guidance of Dr. Malini Ravishankar. Under her training various productions have taken shape under the banner of Lasya Vardhana and have won her public applause and professional appreciation.

In the academic field also Mrs. Ravishankar has received a Ph.D in Kannada Literature for her research project “HARIDAASA SAAHITHYADA KAVYASWAROOPA” from Bangalore University. She was also awarded the Junior Fellowship for her work in the field of Dance and Literature by the Ministry of H.R.D, Government of India (1992-2001). Apart from this she has also compeered various shows for Doordarshan as well as for many stage shows.

Lasya Vardhana School of Bharatanatyam took root in the year 1998 under the able guidance and tutelage of renowned Guru Dr. Malilni Ravishankar.

Dr. Malini Ravishankar, being a performer herself started ‘Lasya Vardhana’ with a handful of students imparting lessons in dance and choreography with high dreams and ambitions. Over the years, the Institution has become a place where children learn discipline, group activity, are aware of their social responsibilities, know their cultural values, have respect for traditional values and norms and at the same time also widen their vision nurturing the feeling of universal brotherhood.... All of these through the medium of dance!

Children who enroll in "Lasya Vardhana" not only learn dance, but are also groomed and nurtured to be good human beings in all aspects. Today, after more than a decade of its existence, "Lasya Vardhana" feels proud and happy to have been able to produce young dancers who not only have performed excellently, but have also been able to keep up the glory of the institution in every occasion. The tremendous enthusiasm amongst the participating students in all the activities of the Institution speaks about the commitment for this style of dance itself, despite the pressures of studies and problems related with the city life.

To nurture the hidden talent in all the students and also to bring out the DANCER in them, the Institution encourages and trains the students to take up the various exams certified by the Karnataka State Board and also other Pvt Institutions. Students have successfully completed Junior and Senior grade exams and some senior students have also realised their dreams by performing the Rangapravesha.

Apart from training the students the Institution has time and again produced many versatile dance dramas viz KANNADA TAAYIGE NRITHYA NAMANA, AANDAL CHARITHE, NAAGARIKA, CHAUTHI CHANDRA, DAASA RASAAMRUTHA, BHUVANA JEEVA VILASA, KANAKA VAIBHAVA to name a few.