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Bhuavana Jeeva Vilasa

D.V.Gundappa, popularly known as D.V.G is one of the important poets of the 20th century Kannada literature. "Anthahpura-geete, " a collection of poems written by D.V.G, inspired by the shilabalikas' (dancing figures) on the walls of Belur temple built by the Hoysala king Vishnu-Vardhana, is a treasure for dancers, musicians and art lovers. Bhuvana Jeva Vilasa is a creation which depicts the images of dancing women on the walls of Belur temple which embody a new meaning through D.V.G’s pen and has transformed onto the contemporary stage through song and dance. Its unique presentation and choreography has gained appreciation throughout the state. 6 of the shilabalikas viz, Mukhuramugde, Murajamode, Leela Kirati, Jaganmohini, Koravanji and Nruthonmathe have been beautifully picturised along with the sequence of Amrutha Manthana in this dance ballet.

Kanaka vaibhava

The one who was a warrior left everything to reach the epitome of vairagya and as a poet became a leading light in the field of kannada literature. He is none other than daasa shreshta KANAKADAASA. His early life, loss in the battle, his intense search for a guru is shown in this dance drama. Also in the second half we can see the excerpts from his creations Krishna leela vinoda nalacharithe, raamadhaanya charithe. The drama ends by showing his religious tours and social reforms.

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