In memory of Late Natyacharya H. R. Keshavamurthy, Sri. B. K. Ravishankar has built an auditorium and has aptly named in Keshava Kalpa. Ravishankar being the third son of Guru H. R. K has great interest in the field of arts and theatre which has made him take stage setting and theatricals as his profession. Having surrounded by dance and music from childhood has created a special liking for this form of art.
Late Natyacharya H. R. Keshavamurthy was not only a great dance teacher but also an avid art lover. Apart from dance he took great pleasure in following music and theatre too. With his blessings, Sri. Ravishankar has taken this step forward in making his dream into reality. Keshava Kalpa is a great platform for young and budding talents of the city. Talents across genre have taken this opportunity to showcase their talent and in turn make some contribution to this great art form. Keshava Kalpa equally encourages dance, music and theatre and has been in existence for the past 3 years organising various programmes and festivals from time to time. With a view to create a platform for talented artists, Keshava Kalpa has various programmes instore. Some of them are:-

» Kalavatarana – Programmes are held on the third Sunday of every month.

» Hosa chiguru hale beru – This is a unique concept where 2 or more artists of different generations perform together.
                                                Eg: mother/father and son/daughter duo.

» Navarathri utsava – special programmes are held during dasara festival and it is a 10 day long festival. One of the attractions of this festival is the colourful doll display on all the days of the festival.

» Independence Day and Republic Day patriotic programmes.

» Kempegowda jayanthi

» Children’s Day

Keshava Kalpa invites applications from all the interested artists to apply for a suitable programmes from the above list based on their suitability. For any further information and clarification, feel free to contact:

Mr. B. K. Ravishankar
Mobile: +91 9844115035